• Crytch

    is a webtool that makes private messaging fun, easy and secure.

  • Tool Functionality:
    DrawClick, Drag
    Delete last pointDelete
    Close pathC
    Start new pathD
    Move cursorDrag, Arrows
    Delete last letterDelete
    Move whole pathDrag
    Move single pointA + Drag
  • Settings:
    Language EN DE NL
    Color B W R B ?
    Background B W R B ?
  • Export SVG
  • Clear canvas
  • Bug report, feature request, props
  • About L&M 2016+17
  • How to

    1 Create a secret visual message. You can use 3 different tools: Draw, Write, Move. Your whole message, even text consists of anchorpoints, connected with lines.

  • 2 Once you’re done, click Encrypt. Then choose a password. With every letter of your password, the message gets more encrypted. Thus you can see your level of security right away. Remember the password well, it will not be stored anywhere.

  • 3 Click Save. Your encrypted message will now be saved.

  • 4 A unique URL will be generated, under which the encrypted message can be found. Send it to the recipient. Make sure, that you send link and password using different media.

  • :) You’ve just sent a secret message.

  • 6 Once the recipient opens the link, the original message can be restored by entering the password.

Public Keys ↓Leak Mode
  • Public KeysLeak Mode

    Public Keys−Exhibition
    Sept 9-17 2017, Spinnerei Leipzig, Germany
  • Personal secrets, hot leaks, odd confessions. Be part of the Crowdsource-Videoperformance! Alice! You’re part of the Crowdsource-Videoperformance. Share now a secret anonymously!

  • → Be part anonymously No thanks, Bob. ×
  • Use to design and encrypt a secret message. In order to take part, you will have to confirm your submission to the project. Your chosen password will then be saved but never shown. This happens absolutely anonymously! During the art performance, computer software will decrypt your message in front of the public which then will be legible for a few seconds.

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